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WHAT we do: We respond to God’s call by meeting basic needs and providing inner healing, medical care, and discipleship to those in devastation.

HOW we do what we do: We restore, train and deploy the Body of Christ into areas of devastation.

WHY we do what we do: Devastation should not have lifetime effects, so we cross any border to bring the Good News to communities.

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being a light around the world

No Boundaries International is a faith based 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry dedicated to bringing hope to any type of devastation whether it’s a natural or manmade disaster, both locally as well as internationally. Here in the Oklahoma area, NBI is driven to stop modern day slavery known as “human trafficking” that is occurring on the streets of Oklahoma City. Whether it is the prostituted woman, the at-risk child, the homeless individual or those struggling with addiction and brokenness, No Boundaries seeks to reach out on a street level and provide realistic solutions to those in need.


After years of working with people from hard places, NBI has found that trafficking victims often have the common trait of low self-esteem stemming from poor family dynamics. Addiction, poverty issues, low level of education, homelessness and lack of viable choices may also play significant roles in their being lured and trapped into a predictor’s hands.


As a result, NBI has recognized the devastating effects of this modern day slavery as well as the contributing factors and has responded by operating a community center (currently closed to the public right now due to COVID) within an Oklahoma City area known for human trafficking, high crime, poverty, and at-risk children and youth. In addition, No Boundaries has a “Safe Friends” program which meets the needs of those exiting from trafficking, ministry to the homeless, and small group outreach to children in the area. Therapy is also available for those in need, under the guidance of well-known trauma therapist and NBI co-founder, Dr. Lori Basey.

NBI believes that it will take a strong community driven response in order to stop the modern day evil of human trafficking. Certainly no one organization can fight this alone. It will take a combination of awareness, intervention, prevention and fundraising by many individuals, groups and organizations in collaboration with our law enforcement in order to make a strong impact.


NBI is 100% volunteer driven so your donation goes a long way!