My 4-year-old and I were driving in the car when she said, "I need to pray for the food pantry."  I encouraged her to do so.  As I'm driving, I hear her little voice in the back seat say, "God, please bring food from heaven and put it on the shelves at No Boundaries.  Amen."  A moment later I hear her say, "Look!  I see food coming down from heaven."  "Jesus has to gather it from far away." My heart smiled and my eyes cried that my little one had such faith that Jesus hears and answers her prayers!

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God answers prayer!  The next week following, we received a donation of several pallets of fresh produce and bread.

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food donations needed

The No Boundaries International Food Pantry is seeking donations of the following nonperishable foods. Please check that cans and packaging are in good condition and that they won’t expire within the next two months. Thank you!

Emergency Food

 for Our Homeless Friends

Where Miracles Occur Every Week


10AM - 1PM

3416 S. Robinson, OKC


Please check our calendar for days we might be closed.

There are many weeks when our pantry shelves are bare. We pray and sometimes at the last hour, a donation comes in. God is faithful to provide.