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Journey of Restoration


Did you ever feel like there had to be something more to life? 

If you are in a difficult place, if you are working with others in hard places or want to participate with what Jesus is doing in making disciples then this e-course is for you. We will unpack truths from God’s word, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral insight (made easy!) in this "Journey of Restoration" as taught by trauma-therapist and NBI President Dr. Lori Basey. This course will produce life habits that are meant to be a process and not an event as we, the body of Christ, are restored, trained, and deployed to reach out to others in need. Issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and being stuck will be addressed as you are equipped to walk into and lead others into something more. Enjoy the journey!  ~~Dr. Lori Basey, teacher of A Journey of Restoration

This life-changing class will inform you, stretch you, and give you "roadsigns" and tools on your journey to wholeness. 


What if we have to stop feeding those old thought patterns and choose to change our thinking patterns?

Dr. Lori Basey

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