Prayer Room

No Boundaries International operates a small prayer room housed within the Firehouse Community Center. From this location, we spend 2 hours every week, coming together as a community, worshiping Jesus and praying for the surrounding neighborhood. This area of Oklahoma City is known for "The Track" where trafficking occurs as well as drug related crimes, homelessness, poverty issues and childhood neglect and abuse. Feel free to join us (check calendar for dates) as we pray to our Father to reveal His great love for every person in this zip code area as well as our city at large.


Shelly had worked on the strip for several years and was addicted to drugs. She was arrested many times but always returned to the streets. She was proud of her street smarts and claimed she was smart enough to avoid the serious violence that often besets those who work in this type of life.


But one day as she walked up and down the street, she heard a voice, loudly and clearly say, "Get out! Get out now, or you will die!"


It rattled her and she looked around, thinking someone was nearby. But she was all alone. She realized that her street smarts had helped her avoid being arrested and much of the violence on the streets but it hadn't been good enough to help her avoid God. Much like Moses, she had heard the voice of The Lord.


Within seconds, she heeded the warning, walked away from the streets and never came back.


Little did she know that at the very moment she heard "the voice", our No Boundaries team was gathered together at our Community Center, praying for those who were working on the streets that night. "The voice" was an answer to our prayers.


Today she is happily married and her husband's company generously donated $1,000 worth of carpet tiles for use in NBI's Firehouse Community Center. By listening to that voice out on the street that day, her life was saved and she became a living testimony of God’s goodness and His patient love for us.


What would happen if a group of committed followers of Christ gathered on a regular basis in prayer, to bring heaven onto earth for their local community?

For several years, No Boundaries International’s small core team has gathered together to pray for our neighbors, their family situations, the proliferation of crime, the statistics of poverty and abuse and the obvious presence of human trafficking outside our doors.

We pray in faith, not knowing what God is doing in people’s hearts and lives, unbeknownst to us.

But then we see clues…

One day Michael came walking through our doors. Michael had a lengthy rap sheet—over 20 different violations with resulting prison and jail time. Michael wasn’t exactly an “angel”.

But through our encounters with Michael, we would pray for him whether he was absent or in person.

And slowly, over the years and through all the prayers, Michael began to change. He self admitted to having a “love/hate relationship” with women. Then, one day, he quit doing illegal activities and started working legal jobs in the restaurant industry.

We became amazed as over time, he slowly started bringing young girls into our Community Center who needed help getting off the streets. We were amazed because previously, Michael would have exploited them in some way. It was a big step for him to stop abusing and to direct them into our care. Some needed housing in order to make a change in their lives and others simply needed food or clothes.

Either way, we began to see changes in Michael’s behaviors—changes that were a reflection of his heart. He was beginning to love people again instead of abusing them. And he was beginning to see the great value in pointing people to Christ.

Perhaps Michael was responding to our prayers…?