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As an answer to the challenges of today’s world, NBI has developed a well-researched "Restoration" program developed by trauma therapist and NBI founder, Dr. Lori Basey. To date, hundreds of individuals have been trained in this trauma-informed program which addresses the heart-level hurts and trauma encountered in life utilizing biblical principles and neuroscience made easy. This program is currently available through one-on-one sessions, group sessions, or via NBI's free e-course entitled "Journey of Restoration". Testimonies of personal transformation are showcased in NBI’s podcast, “Relief from Darkness”. Dr. Basey has taught this highly informative restoration course to thousands in the healthcare industry as well as to partner non-profit agencies, businesses, churches, and groups around the world.

NBI believes that the “natural” response to experiencing personal restoration is to be deployed in outreach to those who may be hurting, are in need, or are in a “hard place” in their lives. As a result, No Boundaries International has become well known for actively fighting the trauma of human trafficking and sexual exploitation with its many effects on individuals, families, and our community. Whether it is the prostituted woman, the at-risk child, the homeless individual, or those struggling with addiction and brokenness, No Boundaries seeks to reach out on a street level and provide realistic solutions to those in need. 

No Boundaries International is an Oklahoma City-based, 501(c)3, non-profit that was established in 2006 as a response to a radical encounter with Jesus. Over these last 15+ years, we have developed a mission culture that encourages the Body of Christ to be restored, trained, and then deployed in outreach to do what they are called to do--to advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and bring hope to those in need. We believe that the Body of Christ should be the solution to the injustices that we are seeing in our world today.

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