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About NBI



Dr. Lori Basey


President and Co-Founder,
Occupational Therapist,
Trauma Therapeutic Intervention    



Bachelor of Science in

  Occupational Therapy

Bachelor of Theology
Master of Theology
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
Registered and Licensed      

  Occupational Therapist–  

  Oklahoma State Board of  

  Medical Licensure


Sandy Orchard


Vice President and Co-Founder,

Registered Nurse


Bachelor of Science in


IMG_1194 2.jpg

Dr. Lori Basey knows no limits when working with traumatized populations and mobilizing others to respond to devastation.


She is a keynote presenter, delivering presentations to thousands and quoted throughout the globe in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Daily News America, Orange County Register, People, Times of Mumbai, Daily Oklahoman, and Sierra Leone Times. Dr. Basey has been broadcasted within the United States and internationally, and had an article published in Advance, a therapeutic magazine.


Since 1991, she has specialized in acute psychiatric care, including trauma-informed therapeutic intervention following the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing as well as the 9/11 disaster in NYC and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. She is an expert consultant in trauma associated with war, exploitation, and natural disaster.


In 1997, Dr. Basey and her husband, Dr. Tom Basey, DDS, began responding internationally with their professional expertise. Dr. Lori Basey has traveled to many countries, including Israel, Honduras, Haiti, Belize, Moldova, India, Turkey, and Sierra Leone, in response to manmade and natural disasters.


In 2006, Dr. Basey co-founded No Boundaries International (NBI), a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers in Oklahoma City, OK. As President of NBI, Dr. Basey provides training on trauma-informed care and mobilizes volunteers to help those in the local community, especially those affected by human trafficking.   Contact her at:

Sandy Orchard was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She graduated from Point Loma College in San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As a young child, reading National Geographic, she was intrigued by different countries and cultures. At the young age of 17 years, she began going on mission trips with her first trip to Guatemala. For the next 16 years, she traveled and experienced the different countries and cultures that she had previously only read about as a child. Throughout the following years, she continued going on mission trips with a 3-year commitment on a hospital ship. She has been to numerous countries around the world, witnessing miracles through both medicine and healings. Her current work with No Boundaries International includes not only her medical work but also video production, website work, graphic arts work, and writing.

Contact her at:

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