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Welcome to the No Boundaries International podcast "Relief From Darkness" where our host Molly and trauma therapist/"brain geek" Dr. Lori Basey discuss how it IS possible for our brains to be healed from trauma.

In the podcast sessions, the questions are asked:
•Is it really possible to change our thinking patterns?
•Can we change how we think, feel, and act?
•Can you reshape your brain and neurons?
•How IS the brain organized?

Listen as guests tell their moving stories of how Jesus met them in the middle of their struggle and brought healing--even when they doubted.

For more in-depth help, take our FREE e-course entitled "Journey of Restoration" found HERE

Listen to our podcasts at:
Or on your favorite podcast platform!

Because: When you change your brain--you change your life!

“I had no idea that it didn’t have to be that way”--quote from a guest on "Relief From Darkness" podcast.
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