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Outreach Opportunities


Donate Items for Outreach

Whether it's basic living supplies and food for our homeless outreaches or beauty items for our street outreach teams, we are in constant need of items to give to those in need! These products send a message that "We see you and we love you!" and open the door for transformational relationships.
Please consider helping us to impact the lives of those in need by
purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List!

Thank you!

Homeless Outreach

During Homeless Outreach our volunteers strive to build relationships with those suffering locally. Through the provision of meals, clothing, and survival supplies NBI aims to make connections. Homeless Outreach goes beyond a quick exchange of products, it often ends with life-changing interactions. 

To donate items for this outreach, please visit our Amazon Wish list!


Street Outreach

Street Outreach offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to build lasting relationships with those directly involved in trafficking. Weekly, a group of female volunteers  spend a few hours handing out snacks, water, and hygiene products to those working on the streets. As these products are being exchange so are words of encouragement, prayer, and love. 

To donate items for this outreach, please visit our Amazon Wish List!


Special Ops

Special Ops give our friends one-on-one interactions with NBI staff. With the help of our Outreach Director, those in the community are accompanied to doctor appointments, grocery runs, and errands. Transportation is provided to them and through these personable experiences trust is built and transformative relationships flourish.

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday is our spin on a Sunday church service. Many of our friends from the community are not comfortable in a traditional church setting; therefore, Sunday Funday allows them to enjoy comfortable fellowship. The Community Firehouse opens its doors and volunteers gather around the tables playing boards games, card games, and coloring with individuals from the community. After the games, a free meal is provided and we sit and converse with one another. It is amazing to see the transformation that occurs weekly in our friends. 

Discovery Bible Study

Discovery Bible Study is an amazing way that NBI shares the word of Jesus with the community. Each Tuesday, our friends are invited to join together and read stories from the Bible. It is beautiful to see individuals from the community retell these stories and apply them to everyday life. A hot meal is served as well, and for those who are not comfortable staying, to-go meals are available. 

Food Truck Outreach

Twice a month a group of volunteers accompany the NBI food truck to a local motel to hand out free meals. This motel is a hot spot for drugs, sex trafficking, violence, and all kinds of heartbreaking interactions. With each meal comes the opportunity to pray and speak life into the lives of those who inhabit the motel. Through outdoor games for the kids and transformational discussions with our friends, we have been able to create lasting relationships and help some find safer housing. 

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