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no boundaries international

Have you ever said:

There's Got to Be More to life?

at No Boundaries International, we help you get Restored past the things that hold you back in life, Train you to deal with difficult situations and Deploy you to go out and use your knowledge to help others. Because your calling in life can only be found in doing something bigger than yourself.

A trauma-informed organization

working to restore, train, and deploy

the hurting locally and globally

When I came in, I was just hoping you could see in my eyes that I really needed help, but I couldn't say anything.

Statement from a Young Woman Trapped in

Human Trafficking

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Watch this video of NBI's Dr. Lori Basey as she tells her story that led to No Boundaries International being chosen as the Passion Awards "2018 Top Awardee".
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No Boundaries International (NBI) is a

faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing light and hope to those in the midst of devastation. Serving both locally and internationally, NBI responds to both natural and manmade disasters by meeting basic needs and providing inner healing, medical care, and discipleship. In Oklahoma City, NBI reaches out to those affected by human trafficking, as well as at-risk children and those struggling with homelessness, addictions, and brokenness.